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WBYC Races


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August 6, 2017

For best viewing, after clicking on the :click here" below, then look for three vertical dots toward the top right of the picture screen. Click on the three dots and then chose slide show.

CLICK HERE to see pictures from the Knockabout Races held on Saturday, August 5, 2017, courtesy of Stephen Rejto.

CLICK HERE to see pictures from the Knockabout Races held on Sunday, August 6, 2017, courtesy of Stephen Rejto.

Annual Cape Cod Knockabout Regattas

August 4 - 6, 2017

This weekend will be the Annual Cape Cod Knockabout Regattas.  WBYC is hosting this year.  It is the 80th SMYRA regatta elimination and championship* on Friday, and the 57th Annual 18' Cape Cod Knockabout National Championship on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be many visitors to the club, so be aware that parking might be tighter than usual.


We can use some good old fashion WBYC hospitality this weekend, too.  We will be hosting sailors from other clubs for racing and spectating. Any help you can provide will be wonderful.  We have had many members offer their moorings for the weekend, so thank you.  There is room for help in the kitchen for before and after races, shuttling to/from boats, and friendly faces to welcome Megansett and Woods Hole sailors.  Please come see the races on the water, and share any of your fabulous photos with us!

If you are interested in helping and have not already spoken with a member of the race committee (Cindy, Ken, Denise, Kristina, Joel, Jeff K), please contact one of us.

The Race Committee


Kristina U. Woods

21 Spinnaker Lane
Pocasset, MA 02559 

(508) 360-7957




Waquoit’s Ken Shepherd Sails Whiz To 2013 Cape Cod Knockabout National Championship


Waquoit’s Kristina Woods Claims Championship Race And High Point Titles In Knockabout SMYRA Championship Racing


Published in the Falmouth Enterprise, Friday, August 3, 2013


(Click on the photo above to enlarge)


For more pictures (courtesy of Bob Barry, WBYC) of the regatta, Click Here. Click on “slideshow” for best viewing.


The annual regatta for the Cape Cod Knockabout Class was hosted last weekend by Waquoit Bay Yacht Club. The Race Committee was busy with eight races to run between two events incorporated into the weekend.


The regatta marked the 53rd Knockabout National Championship, a four-race series scored in the “low point” format, and the 76th annual SMYRA Championship series.


For the SMYRA Championship the fleet is split into two divisions for a qualifying race and the top finishers in each then sail in the championship race. This series is scored in the “high point” format where the competitors’ scores in the both races are combined to determine a high point champion.


A total of 13 boats from Megansett, Woods Hole, Waquoit, and Yarmouth Sailing arrived at the starting line for Saturday’s racing. Two more boats would join the fleet on Sunday. Megansett’s Andrew Powers was in command of the race committee boat “Pure Bluff” doing his usual expert work in setting marks and the start/finish line. Betsy Young and Cal Gudmundson of Waquoit were onboard “Pure Bluff” for the weekend recording finishers and keeping track of all highly classified regatta

paperwork.  Dick Marcel of Yarmouth Sailing was Principal Race Officer on Saturday, and Jim Hoar of Yarmouth Sailing took over for Sunday’s racing. Ed Martin, also of Yarmouth Sailing, was onboard on Sunday to keep watch over coach Hoar. Rounding out the race management team was Al Adams of Waquoit running the mark boat/launch for the weekend. Bob Barry, also of Waquoit, was a huge help with launch service and action photography. The above-mentioned team did a terrific job in

managing the weekend racing, at times under trying conditions!




SMYRA Championship


Sailing conditions on Saturday could not have been more perfect with just the right combination of wind, sun, and temperature. Not to mention that the tide was just right and provided plenty of water all day saving the fleet from the infamous sandbars and mud flats that can sometimes make ailing

in Waquoit Bay challenging.

Saturday’s racing started with the SMYRA format. The top four boats in each of the two elimination divisions qualified for the championship race. Kristina Woods of Waquoit sailing “SOS” was the winner in Division 1 and Greg Polanik of Woods Hole sailing “Rumblefish” was the Division 2 winner. Kristina Woods in “SOS” was the winner of the championship race and was awarded the Scudder-Cahoon trophy. Megansett’s father/daughter

team of Shep and Brenda Halloran took 2nd place in the championship race. Another Megansett team of John Sr. & John Jr. Powers sailed “Finally!” to 3rd place in the championship race.


The SMYRA high point competition, which is recognized with the awarding of the Crowell-Small trophy, was won by Waquoit’s Kristina Woods with 15 3/4 points. Shep and Brenda Halloran of Megansett finished second in the high point scoring with 13 points. Woods Hole’s “Rumblefish” sailed by Greg Polanik finished third in the high point competition with 11 ¼ points.

Joel Kanter of Waquoit, sailing “Quaker Lady II” won the SMYRA consolation race for the non-qualifying boats and Megansett’s Web Collins

sailing “Mae Win III” finished 2nd.


With their places in this race, “Quaker Lady II” earned one point for Waquoit and Mae Win earned 1/2 point for Megansett toward the club challenge competition. Points earned by each club’s competitors are totaled to determine the order of finish in the club challenge competition. Megansett was the club challenge winner with 34 1/2 points, followed by

Woods Hole with 19 1/4, Waquoit with 16 1/2, and Yarmouth Sailing

with 9 points.


National Championship


The first two races of the national championship series were sailed after the SMYRA championship on Saturday and the final two nationals races were completed on Sunday. Racing conditions continued to be ideal for the

Saturday nationals races. Plenty of wind made for quick maneuvering

at the starts and high speed sailing upwind and downwind. The fleet sailed in tight formation making for major traffic at the turning marks. The adequate wind allowed crews to make up distance lost for any minor errors in tactics. There were plenty of wind shifts on the approaches to Washburn

Island, which made tactics to the upwind mark critical.


Sunday’s sailing conditions were totally opposite from Saturday. Overcast skies with hardly a breath of wind greeted the crews as they arrived in Waquoit at the appointed hour on Sunday morning. The wind started to come up ever so slowly and after delaying the “harbor start” by 30 minutes

the race committee ventured into the bay to see what they had to work with. A course was set and the fleet slowly arrived at the starting area.

Shortly after the 5-minute starting sequence began, a major wind shift caused the race committee to signal a postponement. The entire course had to be re-set, including the start/finish line. The second try at getting

things started was successful but it is an understatement to say the racing conditions were less than ideal.


As the fleet tried to approach the starting line the wind all but died. The boats that were bunched up at the committee boat end could barely get things moving. Boats farther down the line fared better and were eventually

rewarded with a blast of air that “rocketed” them up the course.

Greg Polanik’s “Rumblefish” eventually took the lead followed by Tom Reilly’s “Megansett Time” and Mackie Stuart in “No Name-Blue”.

“Elf” (Skip Crowell), “Quaker Lady II” (Joel Kanter) and “Whiz” (Ken Shepherd) all stayed hot on the trail of the leaders.


The second and final race of the day was almost a duplicate of the first. It was incredibly difficult to find the wind and a favored side of the race course. Pockets of shifty breeze showed up almost anywhere on the course at random. Ken Shepherd, no stranger to the quirks of Waquoit Bay, deftly put “Whiz” at the head of the fleet and showed them the way around

the course all the way to the finish. Shep and Brenda Halloran in “Late Show II” and Tom Reilly in “Megansett Time”, who all are expert light air sailors, held on firmly to the 2nd and 3rd place spots in the race. Web Collins, also no stranger to extreme light air sailing, worked “Mae Win III”

into a solid 4th place for this final race.


The course to the downwind mark was, at times, some form of a reach, but in the light winds, many crews set their spinnakers in an attempt to gain a bit of extra push. As the fleet struggled to fill their chutes a tantalizing blast of wind came across the course. “Finally!’s” crew had just made the decision to set the spinnaker in an attempt to hold off a dangerously close “Elf” sailed by Skip Crowell. Just as “Finally!’s” spinnaker went up the aforementioned blast of wind hit and it was almost disaster for the Powers crew. Much to the amusement (we think) of “Elf’s” crew “Finally!’s” spinnaker snapped full and almost immediately the boat was out of control and in danger of swamping. Who could imagine this possibility 5 minutes earlier when the fleet was practically drifting towards the mark? Quick action by “Finally!’s” crew saved her from disaster and after squaring

away the onboard chaos they were able to fend off the advances of “Elf”.


At the end of the day as the numbers were tallied Waquoit’s own Ken Shepherd would claim the 2013 National Championship, sailing his boat “Whiz” to the number one spot with a total of 11 ¾ points. Skip Crowell of the Woods Hole fleet would claim the #2 overall spot with 18 points. Two

Megansett skippers, Web Collins and Mackie Stuart, ended up in a tie for 3rd place with 22 points each. Web would win the tie breaker and secure 3rd overall having finished one better place than Mackie in the four races.


As an example of how close the weekend racing was, incredibly, the 5th, 6th, and 7th overall finishers were separated by only 1/2 and 1/4 point, and all were not too far out of the top of the fleet.


Complete Results:


SMYRA Championship Race:

1. #375 “SOS”, Kristina Woods

2. #370 “Late Show II”, Shep & Brenda Halloran

3. #200 “Finally!”, John Powers & John Powers Jr.

4. #69   “Rumblefish”, Greg Polanik

5. #371 “Elf”, Skip Crowell

6. #403 “Red Dog”, Mairead Loschi

7. #300 “Mooncusser”, Wint Frame

8. #200 “No Name”, Mackie Stuart




SMYRA Consolation Race:

1. #320 “Quaker Lady II”, Joel Kanter

2. #425 “Mae Win III”, Web Collins

3. #394 “Golden Ray”, Tom Dugam

4. #54   “Whiz”, Ken Shepherd


National Championship:

1. #54     “Whiz”, Ken Shepherd, 11 ¾ points

2. #371   “Elf”, Skip Crowell, 18 points

3. #424   “Mae Win III”, Web Collins, 22 points (Tie)

4. #200   “No Name,” Mackie Stuart, 22 points (Tie)

5. #320   “Quaker Lady II”, Joel Kanter, 26 points

6. #375   “SOS”, Kristina Woods, 26 ½ points

7. #69     “Rumblefish”, Greg Polanik, 26 3/4 points

8. #200   “Finally!”, John Powers & John Powers Jr., 30 points

9. #370   “Late Show II”, Shep & Brenda Halloran, 32 points

10. #405 “Megansett Time”, Tom Reilly, 33 points

11. #300 “Mooncusser”, Wint Frame, 39 points

12. #403 “Red Dog”, Mairead Loschi, 40 points

13. #934 “Golden Ray”, Tom Dugan, 45 points

14. #422 “Cob Web II”, Bruce Eldridge, 51 points

15. #351 “Prom Queen”, Sofia Kurd, 55 Points


CLICK HERE to see other pictures from the 2013 53rd Nationals and 76th SMYRA Championship Regatta

Click on "slideshow" for best viewing

Pictures courtesy of Bob Barry

Any member is welcome to join in these friendly yet competitive races.  Just three boats in any class are necessary for an official race. If you are interested in being a crew on board a knockabout please stop by on any Sunday morning around 11:30 and talk to a skipper.


2013 Racing Schedule
July Series


July 27th-28th Waquoit Bay Yacht Club sponsors Cape Cod Knockabout Regatta
August Series


Labor Day Series


EAGLE Ken Shepherd, Race Committee Chair
PENGUIN Denise Shepherd
SOS Cindy Limberakis


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